Skegness Airfield

Pilot Information

Skegness Airfield (EGNI) - Strictly PPR by telephone

North: 53 10 20.11491 | East: 00 19 32.11911

The clubhouse is only open at weekends April to October. At all other times the radio may not be manned so if you are flying in, please look at the windsock, make your traffic calls and land on the appropriate runway.

Once landed please park in the designated area to the north end of 03 runway, either on the west side around the hangars or opposite on the east side.

Please ensure all circuits are inland at 1000ft avoiding Skegness Town. (i.e. 03/11 LH - 21/29 RH)

 Runway Information
03/21 - 799m x 23m
11/29 - 650m x 23m

Aerodrome is close to the north boundary of the Wash AIAA. Aircraft approaching contact Coningsby (119.200), Waddington (119.500) or Humberside (119.125) during their operating hours.
Alternate aerodromes include Fenland EGCL,Humberside EGNJ, Wickenby EGNW or Gamston EGNE.

 Important Information

  • Strictly PPR by telephone.
  • Use of this airfield is entirely at your own risk.
  • No runway numbers.
  • Airfield can be subject to waterlogging - especially in winter months.
  • Bumps on runway 03 just north of windsock near runway intersection.
  • Runway 21 final approach - Roller coaster 1.5 nautical miles north east of airfield.
  • Wildlife may be present on runway.
Airfield Active